Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Salad for Dinner

Dear Lauren,

I intended to make half a recipe of cornbread madeleines. I carefully added half the corn meal and half the flour. And then I got to thinking...about who will go with me to the City Produce in Cumming where they are selling from only local family farms for the next 6 weeks. And then I was thinking about whether to make salad dressing with champagne vinegar or just forget the salad dressing altogether. And I thought about you and what you might be up to today. And I thought about my muffin tin that I love and how upset I am that there are no markings telling me what brand it is because I want another one. And I thought about why the dishwasher can't have a Warp Speed button. And I thought about watering the plants; I was supposed to do that on Friday and now it's Tuesday. And I thought about who's and it's and how they're not possessives.

And then it happened.
I started adding the full amount of ingredients into the batter instead of half the amount. I guess there are worse problems than this. But I had to go back and add more flour and more corn meal and get the recipe back on track again.

This is the muffin pan I love. No brand on it. Where did it come from?

I decided to add a tablespoon of this in half the batch. 

And then I decided to make croutons out of them.

I was going to make this salad but then I wondered if cornbread croutons and roasted potatoes in one salad were just too much. I decided it would be fine. And that we needed the salad dressing after all. 

I had one shallot left. Just enough. Lucky!

We had a few leaves of Swiss Chard from the garden. Not many! But I added them to the salad.

Looked so good.

Tasted even better.

In the end I made a very similar salad to this one.


Costco Rotisserie Chicken
Cornbread Madeleine Croutons


From Our Garden:
green beans
Italian parsley
Swiss Chard
Mortgage Lifter tomatoes


From Someone Else's Garden:
Romaine lettuce
roasted red potatoes


the dressing exactly like the Cowgirl Chef said to.


P.S. God Bless the Cowgirl Chef.


  1. That salad should be framed.

    1. If I'd tried to frame it, the family would have knocked me over! They were hungry! I'm tempted to make this for dinner again tonight!

  2. What a great idea! I grew up eating a bit of everything from the plate on each fork- or spoonful, this would be my ideal meal.

    1. Lauri, I loved every bite. Judging from the quiet in the room I'd say everyone else loved it too!