Monday, July 2, 2012

What is an Educational Bite?

When our daughter Lauren was a little girl, somewhere around 2 or 3, she would sometimes take us completely by surprise with a new skill or bit of knowledge.

We would ask her, Lauren! How do you know that?!

She would always reply, My brain taught me.

It was evident early on that she was interested in being smart. And although she was never a finicky eater, there were certain things she didn't want to try.

One day, I said, Lauren, you want to be smart right?

Right, mommy.

Well, if you don't try this food how can you really be smart? Don't you think you need to take a bite for your education?

She cocked her head to one side and slowly shook it yes.

And the education bite clause in our family was born.

I'd say she was about 4 at that time.

As parents, Willie and I made more than our fair share of mistakes. But the educational bite option was not one of them. I really don't recall us every having a problem getting our children to eat their meals or to try new foods after we instituted that educational bite concept. They are all adults now and all have widely varied palates.

This idea of having no fear in trying something new, whether food or anything else, has inspired me on more than one occasion in my life and has definitely helped my cooking. I hope no matter how much I might botch up a recipe, or anything else in life, that I will continue to try anything and laugh while doing so.

P.S. Why is there a picture of my cat (Catarina Kitt) on this post. I just like it. Don't you?

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