Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not All Posts Are About Food...

Willie and I have been reminiscing this morning about our first trip to New Orleans because we were asked by a friend to give suggestions on where to go. It reminded me of this story.

When we went to New Orleans there was still plenty we didn't know about each other. Willie had it in his head that I would love to look for antiques on this Royal Street. But he was unaware that I wasn't an antique lover. We walked and looked and walked and looked and he kept asking me if there was anything I wanted him to get for me.

At last, I saw a small lamp table that was had fairly clean lines and gorgeous inlaid wood. I told him I really liked it even though it was not my decorating style. He went to inquire about the price. $40,000!!!! It was a King Louis XIV!

It was the last time (thankfully) he has ever in the rest of our life together suggested going antiquing.

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