Thursday, June 28, 2012

Publix Fried Chicken

I'll be brief. If you live in a town with a Publix, and you don't want to cook dinner? Call them up and order some fried chicken. You tell them the pieces you want and what time you want it. Then you go to the store at the appointed time and there, in the deli, is a box with your name on it. You pick it up and check out. That's it! It's better than KFC! It's better than anything homemade I've ever had or made! And it's what we're having for dinner.And in case you're wondering, it wasn't me that ate that tiny crispy bit there on the corner.

And if anyone knows, please tell me! 1) How do they make it so delicious? 2) Where do they find 5-pound breasts? These things are HUGE!

And you should know by now, I'm never brief.


  1. Steam Ovens.... If you ever wonder how KFC "fries" all those chickens without a huge grease mess, its steam ovens that use pressure to "fry".

    1. I was thinking I'd heard they used pressure cookers. I'd never heard of a steam oven until your post so I looked it up and learned about a convection steam oven. I'd never heard of one, so thanks!