Friday, June 29, 2012

Granite Cleaner

I am in the kitchen dining room, seated. I look to my right and my line of sight is a bit above eye-level with the counter-tops in the kitchen. The counters are shining like mirrors! I made some homemade granite cleaner from a blog you may have read before. It's called One Good thing by Jillee and today is the blog's 1st birthday!

1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
3 drops of Dawn 
3 drops lavender essential oil

Add the first three ingredients into your spray bottle (mine came from Walmart) and then fill it the rest of the way with tap water. That's it!

Check Jillee's blog for her instructions on how to make it. The recipe above is how I made mine. If you read through the comments on Jillee's blog you will see a suggestion to skip the essential oil and use Wintergreen Rubbing Alcohol instead! I love that suggestion and I'll be trying it when I run out of my unscented rubbing alcohol!

I've been using this granite spray daily since I made it and I still love it! I've also been telling everyone who walks into my kitchen to look at the granite. Here's an example.

Me: WILLIE! Look at the counters!
Willie: Silently looks.
Me: Aren't they shiny?!!!!!!!
Willie: Yes.
Me: This spray is amazing, don't you think?!!!!!!!
Willie: Sure.
Me: Have you tried it? Have you cleaned the counters with it?
Willie: Not yet.
Me: That's because I clean the counters with it constantly and the counters are always clean! I bet you'll never even have to TRY this spray!!!!!
Willie: I love this spray.

This is how it goes at my house. Willie is my husband. He's a tad more low-key than I am. I am constantly at a high level of enthusiasm. We like it this way.

On another note, I just saw this video. It's Mrs. Doubtfire - recut as a horror movie! haha! Enjoy!

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  1. THANK YOU! I was wondering why my glass cleaner was being smudgy, i forgot to add rubbing alcohol! duh
    love the recut - and your Willie is very similar to my Rob ;-)