Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Dear Lauren,

I asked for seedless grapes. Dad brought home Midnight Beauty Black Seedless grapes. I'd never seen nor heard tell of them. I may never eat another grape. They're big and crisp and gorgeous and you'd be foolish if you didn't at least look for them when you're at your grocery store. Ours came in a sealed, ventilated bag and I know why. Grocery store single grape stealers. My people.

But this post is not really about what I just wrote. I want to know something. You know how some grapes are perfect and plump and crisp to the bite? And some are clearly bruised and you throw them away without a thought? But then there are those in-betweeners. They have too much give when you pinch them but they look perfectly fine. Do you toss those down the hatch anyway? Or do you just leave them there, on the vine, in the bowl? Or what?


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