Monday, July 9, 2012

Whipped Cream and Mason Jars

Dear Lauren,

As you know, Erin is staying with us this summer. I think it's so cool that y'all were friend in elementary and you're still friends now even thought we have moved three times and lived in three states since then! I don't think she was here a week when I was cooking out of the Royer's recipe cards my friend Linda sent me and decided to make Royer's cobbler. I bet I made it 5 times in two weeks. SO GOOD! My favorite was the combination of apricots, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Bud Royer has a recipe card for a Junkberry Pie that is not the combination I just mentioned but it inspired me to branch out with my cobbler. SO DELICIOUS! 

Anyway, Erin wanted to learn how to make whipped cream and this is how I taught her to do it. (I should mention that I'm not exactly clear if she wanted to learn to make it, or if I told her she had to because we are a COOL WHIP FREE house! haha!)

Get out a
Mason jar.

Get out the heavy whipping cream.

Pour it in the jar. P.S. That's Erin in the picture.

Shake the carton and get all of it!

That looks like plenty.

Get out this tool. Here's the link. Now you can use any kind of immersion blender you want. But use the wire whisk attachment. Dad bought this one and it was pretty darn cheap so naturally I turned my nose up at it. But now I love it and I no longer want a new one.

Get out the sugar. (I don't know why my sugar canister looks so unclean and unfocused. In real life it looks just fine, beautiful even! I love these OXO canisters. You never could've convinced me I would like anything made of plastic! I am a glass girl all the way! But still, I do love them.)

Get out a spoon. Add some sugar.

Blend on high.

Blend some more.

Taste it. Add more sugar if you want. Blend some more. Repeat.

Blend some more.

Blend some more.

Then it's done. Put it on some Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot & Raspberry Cobbler. Or just eat it off the spoon. The whole process takes 3 minutes. Never eat Cool Whip again.


  1. So fun! You're a good teacher :)

    1. Aw! It's a lot of fun when you have a fun person who wants to learn!