Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kitchen Musings Today

Dear Lauren,

Back in December of 2014, I sent a note to a young woman and told her I thought she should check out 37 Cooks, that I thought she would be a good fit for the group. She eventually did and a little less than one year later she joined the group. Her name is Lindsay O'Connor. She is bright and inventive,  and mindful about cooking for good health as well as taste. I admire her work ethic, positive attitude and spunk.  She also likes her Instant Pot! For all of these reasons, I think you'll want to refer to her blog, Kitchen Musings Today. She got me on the right track in cooking steel cut oats in the Instant Pot. For that alone, I'll be eternally grateful! Steel cut oats in 3 minutes with no stirring? Yes, please! She makes them with almond milk, your favorite!

That's all I wanted to say today! Love you, have fun with your cousins in Spokane this week. Xoxoox.


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