Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Langostino Tails and Squash Salad

Dear Lauren, 

This started as a recipe called Saffron Rice Salad (Thomas Keller from Ad Hoc at Home cookbook). I removed the saffron and the rice to make this recipe something everyone in our family could eat while you are on your Whole 30 eating plan, so it is a little different than the author intended, but I do think he would approve! 

Langostino Tails and Squash Salad

A handful of haricot verts (thin green beans, Trader Joe’s sells some delicious ones in a sealed bag)
2 yellow summer squash
1-2 zucchini, depending on size
½ large red onion, sliced
1 jalapeno or Serrano pepper, sliced (do not remove seeds or membrane)
Langostino tails (Trader Joe’s sells a frozen bag of these already cooked. You could also use cooked and chilled shrimp, crawfish, lobster, or crab.)
Sherry Vinaigrette (see recipe below)
½ lemon, juiced

Salt and pepper

Boil water. Prepare a large bowl of ice and cold water (ice bath). Get out a colander and place a bowl or plate under it.

Blanch the vegetables:

1) Put the haricot verts in the boiling water for 2 minutes, then move the beans to the ice bath to stop the cooking. Finally, move the beans to the colander.

2) Repeat the steps in #1 for the uncut yellow squash.

3) Repeat the steps in #1 for the uncut zucchini.

Cut up the beans and squash into bite-sized pieces and add them to a serving bowl. Add the onion, jalapeno or Serrano, and langostino tails. Add well-shaken sherry vinaigrette. Toss. Add the lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Toss again and serve.

Can be served as an entrée or a side dish with a steak.

Sherry Vinaigrette
2 Tablespoons sherry wine vinegar (do not substitute)
2 Tablespoons red wine vinegar
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Put all ingredients in a jar with a lid and shake it well. Taste, add more salt and pepper, shake again. If you have any left over, it will keep in the refrigerator for a month. 


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