Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Emerald Love Story

Dear Lauren,

I told you these stories would not be in order. Who cares?

Story 2:

As you know, our trip of 11 Hickmans included my parents (Grampa and Cojo to you), my siblings (Aunt Mary and Uncle Matt), my brother's girlfriend (Britt), my sister's two children age 12 (Carson) and 15 (Taylor), Dad and I and you and Shelby, both age 23. Wow, y'all are getting old. We live all over the U.S. and we met up in New York City. It was a very busy week, but really a good one. Carson and Taylor had never been and neither had Britt. It was great to see the city through their eyes and we played tour guide much of the time.

Usually we play a lot of cards on family get togethers, but there was no time. Cojo decided to pack up some of her jewelry because she wanted to see if any of the girls - me, Beth, you, Shelby, Taylor - wanted any of it. We started referring to it as her garage sale but she seemed offended, so I changed it to her trunk show. I think she liked that better.

Here are my prizes! I can't seem to remove the white one from the velvet board. I can't get the clasp open. I think I need new glasses.

Beth (that's Aunt Mary) wanted none of the jewelry, and neither did Taylor. They're not jewelry people. You wanted 90% of it, but settled for 85% so that Shelby could have some and, if you recall, you two decided to share custody of a few items. Now, some of the pieces were "real" and Cojo loves southwestern stuff, and so do you. But, some the the pieces were costume and I was surprised that you and Shelby wanted so much of it. Costume parties, I later learned.

It got me wondering if other families do this kind of stuff, too? Trunk shows in New York City?

There was one piece of her jewelry that was really gorgeous. Cojo showed it to me in advance of everyone else one day, because I was in her room picking her up to take her to Bloomingdale's housewares and furniture departments. It was an emerald ring surrounded by diamonds. I am not kidding you, it was a show stopper. I've never seen her wear it, but she said Grampa gave it to her for Christmas years ago. 

When we had the garage sale/trunk show I was surprised it was not out. Actually, I was a few minutes late and I thought someone picked it up early. When the show was over, I saw her pull out some ziplocs to give to you two jewelry-hoggers. I saw her take the emerald ring out of a bag and give the bag to you, but the ring went back in her purse.

I wonder why she did that? Maybe second thoughts. I hope she wears that ring this year. I bet Grampa would like it.


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