Thursday, July 11, 2013

French Food Candles

Dear Lauren,

I never tell stories in chronological order. I probably never will. And even when I tell about a single event, I often tell it out of order. Does it matter? 

I have a lot of stories to tell from our recent trip to New York City. You were there! But, I'm not sure you saw the trip in quite the same way I did, so I thought I would tell you some stories. Consider this to be our Family Album of New York City 2013 - 11 Hickmans.

Story 1:

This story actually has nothing to do with New York City. 

A week or so before this NYC trip, my parents, Grampa and Cojo to you, had just gotten back from a long trip and one of the stops they made was in Paris. Paris, France. I could have been talking about another Paris in the world, like Paris, Kiribati.

Glad we cleared that up. 

Cojo was so excited to show me the presents she picked out for me! She said they were WAY better than the present my dad got me in Madrid. 

I hope Dad and I are world travelers just like my parents some day. And I hope you are, too.

I had already received Grampa's present. He mailed it. It was a black soap dispenser with a red scrubby. It came from a store called Gracias Mama, and Grampa thinks Europe has better kitchen things than he can find in the U.S. They certainly have better names for their stores. Gracias Mama - fantastic! 

Grampa loves kitchen stores, which might mislead you into thinking he cooks. No, he never does. Still, the soap dispenser IS nice!

But, the red scrubby went under the sink - it doesn't match the kitchen.

Now Cojo was giddy about her gifts and she is not a giddy person! Before I opened them she wanted to give an introduction. She said what could be more perfect than food candles because of my cooking and blogging and entertaining, etc. And that I could make a grouping on the table and it would be wonderful.

I was nervous at this point. I envisioned the French equivalent of Yankee Candles that smelled like Boeuf Bourguignon. 

But, to my surprise, my candles had shapes and no scents! A bunch of radishes, 3 figs, and a bunch of asparagus. Is that correct? Radishes and asparagus are bunches?

It's hard to see how big they are in these photos, but I can tell you that the radishes and asparagus are 6 inches tall, and the figs are 6 inches wide. I can tell you because I measured them.

I love them! What do you think?


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