Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lemon Bars

Dear Lauren,

I just juiced 6 lemons and zested 5. It reminded me of a vacation we took several years ago to Sequoia National Park. As usual, I was in the car 5 minutes and fell asleep. (Do you remember the family vacation we took to the Grand Canyon? Dad drove 4,200 miles. I drove 62. Then I needed a nap.) When I woke up, it was the middle of the night. The car was filled with the smell of lemons. I asked him if we'd brought a bottle of Lemon Joy (dishwashing soap) and if it's spilled. Nope. We were in the middle of Kern County in a lemon grove. Do you remember this?

I made Dad some Lemon Curd. And Lemon Tarts. But he wants Lemon Bars and he wants them with the crust from the Jam Tart I made for July 4th. The lemon curd turned out so well, I thought I would try another Ina Garten recipe. I sure hope the filling is lemony. Have you had a lemon bar with filling that's not all that lemony? I have and I mean, why bother?!

See the zester? When I zest lemons, I hold it this way because I find it easier. But when I grate some  Parmigiano-Reggiano, I turn the tool over and just grate the cheese over the dish.

Also, the lemon juicing tool at the top of the photo? I never used to use it. Why? Because I thought it didn't work very well. Then I was walking through the kitchen one day and Dad was using the lime juicer (it's a little smaller and it's limes) and I started laughing! I said, Willie, that is not how you use that tool! You have the cut-side of the lime facing down! The cut side is supposed to be facing UP! So the fruit fits in the tool! hahahahahhah! Then he depressed the tool and all sorts of lime juice poured out. My mouth dropped. I believe I may have blushed. So now you know...when it comes to tools, ask Dad how to use them first.

Here's Ina Garten's Lemon Bar with the Jam Tart crust. They're in the refrigerator now. A nice cold, refreshing treat on another very hot day.


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