Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dear Lauren,

It's over 100 degrees today so what do you think I decided to do? Fire up my oven to 450 degrees. I just wanted to show solidarity with Dad since he was out doing yard work, trimming trees, gardening, pulling weeds, and blowing stuff around. He came in covered with yard debris and sweat and I'm covered with flour. Are we even? Actually, I really want to try this recipe from the Cowgirl Chef. You can follow the link to the recipe or you can go get your Cowgirl Chef cookbook. I love the cookbook because I've decided to go crazy and cook every single recipe and with every page I turn I've added  flour or batter or olive oil or something to the page! Will this book attract ants?

I thought about using the food processor for the dough but I'd already used it once today to grate the block of cheddar. So I figured I'd just try it by hand since no pastry cutter's required. I'm glad I did because it came together, no problem! (I did wear my disposable gloves from Costco. You're either a glove wearer or you're not, I can't explain it further.)

I really, really love putting a tablecloth on the kitchen island. When I'm done, I shake it outside (feed the birds), and toss it in the washer (laundry is my favorite - way better than cleaning counters).

The recipe called for adding cheddar, fresh rosemary and Kalamata olives but I had some leftover mushroom tapenade and I used it instead. (I can't stand Kalamatas!!!!! What is wrong with me!!!!)

I was supposed to roll this out in the shape a football. I think this was fine, don't you?

Look! I had the rolling pin out, all ready to...roll.

But since I was supposed to roll the dough right on the pan, I used this handy roller because it fits inside my rimmed baking sheets and the giant roller doesn't. I got this one from a Pampered Chef party when we lived in Flower Mound from our neighbor who was a PC rep. LOOK! They still sell them! (My friend Brooke read this letter and she told me she has a similar roller to this one that she loves and it's less than half the price!)

Yes, the disposable gloves have permanent residence in the kitchen.

Right out of the oven!!!! Smells amazing!

Dad gets the bigger piece because he did all the yard work.

I baked 1/4 of the dough. The rest is going in the freezer (sans mushroom tapenade). I'm thinking up what other things I might add to these the next time I make them. Which could possibly be before the dough even freezes.




  1. Replies
    1. Lauri, it really was!!! It's been all I can do not to grab some dough from the freezer and make more! Maybe for dinner. :-)

  2. The flylady introduced me to your blog, which also caught my eye because of the name, then I read your name was Sandra. So is mine, and my daughter's name is Lauren! We both love to cook, craft and have lots of fun being creative! Happy Blogging and cooking!

    1. Oh, I love it!! Another Sandra and Lauren!! That's so great!