Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blue Apron

Dear Lauren,

I know this is going to look like an ad for Blue Apron. But it's not. Nope, they have not sponsored this post in any way unless you count that I got a first time customer discount that is available to every other first time customer out there! At least it was when I bought it. Like I said, this post is not sponsored by them so I'm not in communication with them and I have no idea what their specials are. I just wanted to post this because you had fun! I had fun! The food was great! And we took pictures! LOL! There ya go!

I ordered the box and it was delivered to the front door. It was so heavy! I put the food away and I made the recipe for some quesadillas (delicious) served with a spinach apple salad (amazing - will make again and again!) and another day I made the Blood Orange Roasted Salmon (incredible - will make again and again!) and the chickpea and cucumber salad (delicious). Then came your turn. That's what this post is really about.

Here you are in action! Prepping onions!
Look! The recipe card shows the same exact baking dish that we have in our kitchen!
You rollin em up!
"Mom, I love it when you take my picture! Take another! And another!"
(That's what this look says to me.)
Almost ready for the oven! By the way, these are cabbage rolls.
Packed up and ready for the road! Taking this to the boyfriend's house!
Now I'm just waiting on a picture and a report from you as to how they taste. The thing is, I already know. Blue Apron has it down! And for me it was like reading a cookbook and saying oh, wow, that sounds good, let's make that. And then walking to the fridge and everything is magically right there, mis en place done! Ready to cook!

I won't do this every week because I have too many cookbooks, too many cooking clubs and too many ideas to hold me to one service. But every once in a while, Blue Apron is a fun adventure!

Infomercial complete!


P.S. This would make a great gift for a cooking friend. Or a friend who would like to learn to cook. Or a lazy friend who doesn't like to shop like me. :-D

P.P.S. Here's the picture you sent me from your final results! Good job, Lauren!!

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