Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Texting < Journaling

Dear Lauren,

I really like texting with you. Sometimes I don't get any for several days in a row so I send you a text that says, "hi". And sometimes you answer but then other times you don't. If that happens, I text you either something funny or something really outrageous. I always get responses to those, I've learned.

The best texting conversations are the ones you start.

This weekend, you texted me this photo:

and this message: "the first "original" Dear Lauren, Love Mom blog post".


I love that you have this at school! I am not so in love with the fact that I can't remember it! LOL! But you were TWO! And I have a feeling I did not write very often in that journal, did I? Oh, I am regretting that!

Better late than never. Love you. Go study.


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