Monday, July 29, 2013

Green Eggs and No Ham

Dear Lauren,

I pretty much eat eggs or nothing for breakfast. Or in the case of a recent trip to New York City, a Cronut, or my favorite, a DKA. Yum. But a 3 hour wait starting at 6:45 a.m.? Is it worth it? With the right people to wait with, I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

Eggs, eggs, eggs. You can only make them so many ways. Fried, scrambled, poached, omelette, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles. Or you can put them in a pancake. Yum. 

Today, I went out to the garden and chopped off a hunk of chives and then I snipped a bunch of them in the scrambled eggs while they were cooking. And I got to thinking...what would happen if I put the raw eggs and chives in the blender before I cooked them? Would the eggs turn green?

Dad made ice cream yesterday so I had a few leftover egg whites, maybe 10 egg whites, give or take. I added them, along with a handful of chives from the garden, to the blender and let 'er rip! And yep! Green eggs. I scrambled some, but they weren't very pretty (see the photos). So I made an omelette with Provolone, topped with a little sour cream and chopped nectarines. And more chives. Pretty and tasty! 

Before I could photograph them, MAX ate half the omelette! So listen, if you want pretty scrambled eggs, use whole eggs. But egg whites and egg substitute make gorgeous omelettes. Your choice!

Green Eggs and No Ham

eggs (or egg whites or egg substitute, whatever amount you need)
chives, divided (a tablespoon saved for garnish, the rest rough chopped for the blender)
a slice of Provolone cheese (if making omelettes, one slice per)
a dollop of sour cream
a stone fruit like a peach or a nectarine, chopped

You will need about 2 eggs per person, or per omelette, but you can put all the eggs you will need in the blender with a suitable amount of chives. Blend. Adjust the chives to make the eggs more green if you wish. There will be foam at the top of the blended mixture. You can strain the foam away or leave it.

Heat a small, nonstick skillet over medium-low heat and once heated, spray with a non-stick spray (like Pam). Add enough of the egg mixture to the pan to cover the pan plus a little more. Use your flipper and tilt the pan so that the egg mixture will slide right under the cooked egg.  Your eggs will be nearly set on the top and cooked on the bottom. Flip the omelette like a pancake. Add your Provolone slice and fold the omelette in half. Let it cook a minute to melt the cheese and then flip the omelette again in half so that what once started out as a circle now looks like a taller quarter of a circle.

Slide the omelette on a plate and arrange it the way you like it. Top with a little sour cream and chopped fruit and sprinkle the omelette and the entire plate with the saved chopped chives. Serve.

Oh, and hey. You can add ham if you want. 


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