Friday, December 21, 2012

Killer Brownies

Dear Lauren,

Sometimes you get right up to the days before Christmas and you realize there are a few people you'd like to give a gift to but you haven't. The picture above it of some brownies all tied up with some cellophane and a bendy snowman from Walmart ($1) that looks pretty fantastic! These are so easy to make and are our favorite brownies. Are they "homemade". Well...they ARE made at home! But our favorite brownies actually come from a box! 

Killer Brownies
Ghiradelli Ultimate Fudge Brownies, per package instructions but omit fudge topping

Make the brownies according to the package instructions and omit the fudge sauce. You can use any of Ghiradelli's brownie mixes and I'm sure they'll taste just as delicious. When the brownies come out of the oven, place the unwrapped candies on top of the brownies, lining them up in straight lines and leaving enough room to cut through the brownies without having to cut through the candies, one candy per brownie. Let the brownies cool completely. 

You can frost the brownies, then cut them and serve OR cut the brownies and use a star tip or other decorative icing tip and decorate your brownies. Either way, they will taste great!


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