Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eye Makeup Remover

Dear Lauren,

You know that eye makeup remover you like? The kinds with the pre-moistened round wipes in them? Do they make your eyes sting like FIRE?

Well, that's what they do to me! I can't stand it!

I've started asking my friends what they use and guess what?

Thank God I did!

My new friend Laura Anne said something last weekend that led me to my "discovery". She said something like, you know, I'm one of those Noxema girls from way back. I just use the cheapest product I can find and it usually works.


So I went to Kroger and I bought this.

And I used a little cotton and the makeup came right off and there was NO stinging and no oily film in my eyes. Just clean eyes. Or eyelashes. You know what I mean.

And it was the cheapest product of its kind in the store!


P.S. Expect this in your Christmas stocking. :-)


  1. You can also use that Argan Oil. Or did Laren take that with her? I forget. Anyways, just a TINY amount...teeny, tiny and it won't be oily and moisturizes too. :)

    1. I have it! And I do love it! But not for my eyes! I can't deal with it! It feels like there's a film in my eyes! Maybe if I dilute it?

  2. My oldest dd is turning 14 this weekend. She has started using mascara. I need to put this in her Christmas stocking! Cheap works for me...

    1. Awwwww! Happy Birthday to her! I wish I'd found this years ago, it really works!