Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is What I'm Drinking This Morning...

Dear Lauren,

It's an overcast day. One of those days you just want to curl up with a book. Or cook amazing soup.

And drink coffee or hot chocolate.
Yes, I realize it's July. Still, coffee, reading and soup sound great! But I'm off coffee for now so I've been drinking almond milk. I just shake up the carton and pour it in the mug and nuke it for a minute thirty. It's better than you might think and there's a bit of froth because of all the shaking. It's a pretty good trick.

Most days I also add a spoonful or two of sugar. The spoon's small! I should skip the sugar. But I love it. And it's not like I'm eating a bag of Rolos or anything!

The cup is from Starbucks. When they started selling these, Dad and I bought two of each mug from each city we've lived in. I always pick the Los Angeles one to drink out of. Or Austin. :-)

I really wish I drank tea. If I did, I'd buy this and use it every day.



  1. LOL, I drink tea and now I want that infuser! Thanks!

    1. I'm starting to think it really makes no difference about the tea! I just want the duckie!