Monday, July 9, 2012

Make Do

Dear Lauren,

I read this post from the Cowgirl Chef this morning and I thought, wow, here she is on the road on her book tour and she comes up with that amazing dish on the fly.

I was inspired! But I had few of the things she had on hand. No avocado, no feta, no fleur de sel! I've got hamburger buns. I've got tomatoes. I have basil in the garden. I have capers but I think I'll skip them today. Oh! I have the olive oil Tim and Patrick brought us back from Greece! And I have coarse Kosher salt and Dad's pepper mill that's on the fritz.

The point is...make do. It'll work out.


P.S. The olive oil is as you might predict, incredible. When you come home next, I'll make this for you.

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